Who Are we?

We are a welcoming group of volunteers of all ages dedicated to preserving and revitalizing our valley environment. 

Where did we come from?

An interested group of locals decided to investigate how they could join together to work to promote and protect the environment in the Harcourt Valley.
The Harcourt Valley Landcare Group was first registered in 1997 under the incorporated umbrella of the Victorian Farmers Federation Farm Tree and Land Association. The letter recording this states that at the time there were thirty groups operating in Victoria under the VFF banner.
The umbrella group which provides incorporation and public liability insurance is now Landcare Victoria.

What do we do?

The Harcourt Valley Land Care Group aims to inspire, inform and support the community to protect and enhance our local environment. We have ongoing projects (see Projects) and working-bees the last Sunday of each month – there’s always a new opportunity to get your hands dirty while helping our local lands.

How can I be a part?

We have meetings at 7.30 pm, the second Thursday of each month at the Harcourt Heritage Centre, 7 High street, Harcourt.
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For more information, just ask…
Email: info@harcourtvalleylandcare.org
Mail: PO Box 107, Harcourt, Vic 3453