Active Projects:

  • Banksias: Silver banksias were once prolific in our area and are now reduced to a few individuals. We are working to restore this species within our local environment.
  • Fruit fly: Fruit fly is an active threat to our local economy. We aim to increase the ability of our local community to combat fruit fly and we aim to increase the awareness of the threat of fruit fly in the Shire and beyond. Action: Terry will expand with dot points.
  • Barkers Creek at Harcourt: a long term project
  • Wetlands: Victoria Road
  • Bingham’s Road Flora Reserve: an area of significant wildflowers
  • Roadside weeds: partnering with Mount Alexander Shire as needed to identify and eradicate selected weeds.
  • Pippin Court: Community Engagement and waterway planting of 2000 plants.

Past Projects & Achievements:

  • Pine tree eradication
  • Planting 40,000 trees
  • Toll Gate Bridge and signage
  • Granite rock circle and signage at Oak Forest
  • Barkers Creek Project – cooperative project with Barkers Creek and North Harcourt Sedgwick
  • Silver Banksia Project
  • Bird and animal boxes in Bingham’s Road Flora Reserve
  • ongoing relationship with Harcourt Valley Primary School
  • Dianella and the Blue Banded Bee
  • Ballantinia preservation.